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Chiropractor Fountain City WI Sam Grimes
Pediatric and Perinatal Chiropractor

Dr. Samantha Grimes

Hi there! I’m Dr. Sam.  I take care of all the kiddos and mamas in the office, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I am on a mission to inspire families to view health in a different light.  Instead of waiting for illness to arise, imagine creating a foundation of health right from birth!  As a chiropractor and fellow parent, I am your biggest advocate and am here to serve and support you on your family’s health journey!

Dr. Sam is certified in the Webster technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and has over 200 hours of advanced training in the Gonstead system and technique through the Gonstead Methodology Institute.  She also holds a certification in Nutritional Counseling through the state of WI.

Chiropractor Fountain City WI Kyle Grimes
Family Chiropractor

Dr. Kyle Grimes

Hey! I’m Dr. Kyle.  There’s not much that I enjoy more than a good challenge, especially those tough cases that have been everywhere else! Let me help you get back on your feet and stay there.

Dr. Kyle has countless hours of advanced training in the Gonstead system and currently serves as a seminar instructor for the Gonstead Methodology Institute. 

Chiropractic Fountain City WI Kylie Will Meet The Team
Clinic Director

Kylie Will

Chiropractic Fountain City WI Meghan Moonen
Clinic Director

Meghan Moonen

Chiropractic Fountain City WI Cassie Warren Meet The Team

Cassie Warren


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